Radiant Voices: Matthew, Licensed Practical Nurse

As a part of a series on the people who choose to work in senior living, we are sharing our full interviews with those senior living employees that have been featured on the RadiantVoices Instagram feed. Follow along on Instagram to see more stories from Senior Living team members.

Meet Matthew, Nurse | RadiantCareers.com

Meet Matt, a Licensed Nurse Practitioner at Farmington Square Assisted & Memory Care in Eugene, Oregon. He has worked in senior living for over nine years.

My Senior Living Story – LPN

You’ve worked in the senior living industry for some time now, how did you come to work at an Assisted and Memory Care?

“I worked in the Skilled Nursing, post-acute setting for a while as a Skilled Manager. I wanted something a little more homey, you know, something a little more resident-focused, so I started looking at jobs at a community. I settled upon Farmington, although, I am sure that Jill [the Executive Director] thought it was weird that I called to interview them first. I had a tour to see what I thought of the place, to see if it was a good fit for myself and for them as well. After meeting with them four or five times, I decided to officially apply and go for the job.”

What has kept you working in senior living? A moment or experience?

“It’s always one of those things. There are no shortage of moments where you get to have a meaningful impact on someone’s life. Whether it’s helping someone after a surgery or helping someone through the end of life process, it is an incredible honor that someone trusts you enough to do that for their loved ones, or to do that for themselves. So, it’s really, it’s an honor to be able to do that for people.”



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